ACTION E.4: Information Panels

Thirty (30) information panels (15 for each project area) (90x120 cm format) will be installed in the two Project areas to raise awareness of the visitors on LIFE programme, Natura 2000 network, on the Project and the naturalistic values of the sites. The info boards include pictures, maps, details of the habitats and species present in both Natura 2000 sites, as well as a description of the main characteristics of the Project. They will be put in place at all the entrances of the areas in the proximity of the Info Points.

In addition, other twenty-one (21) information boards will be placed only in Nestos Delta in the closeness of the temporary ponds (habitat 3170*) and the alluvial forest (habitat 91E0*) to reduce trampling and illegal lodging, respectively. They will provide information about the priority habitats and the need for their conservation.

These two sets of info-boards have different purposes. The first aims at supporting the communication activity of the Project; the second, represents a concrete conservation Action aimed at reducing the threat of illegal lodging in priority habitat 91E0* and the off-road practices in priority habitat 3170*.

Both typologies of panels will be assembled using eco-friendly supports.

What we expect from this Action:

  • an increase of the visibility of the Project and the LIFE Programme for the local population and visitors in general;
  • an increase of the number of visitors attracted by the presence of the panels at the entrances of the Project areas;
  • an increase of the effectiveness and quality of the visits for different target groups such as local schools. For example, the panels can be used as educational support to facilitate the transmission of the scientific and naturalistic aspects of the Project areas.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation:

In Greece, the Action is managed by HSPN who will recruit a Technical Officer for the preparation of the panels' text and the supervision of installation in the Project Area. For Italy, the responsible partner for the installation and maintenance of the panels is DEB. A Researcher from the department will be also committed to prepare the texts of the panels.

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