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Region of Sterea Ellada's experts participated in the networking event held on Monday, September 16, 2019 between LIFE Primed projects being implemented in Greece and Italy. 

Experts from Greece and Italy had the opportunity to present their projects they have implemented or are implementing that have been financed by LIFE programme. In total seven (7) LIFE projects presented during this event.
The meeting was co-ordinated by Mr. Vito Emanuele Cambria from the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN) in the framework of the LIFE PRIMED project, in collaboration with experts of the Sapienza Università di Roma, Environmental Biology Department in Rome.

The following projects were presented by the participants during the meeting:
For Open Forests (,
LIFE Primed (,
LIFE Themis (,
Life Calliope ( /,
Life ASAP (,
Life PonDerat (,
LIFE IP GESTIRE 2020 Natura che vale (

During the networking meeting, a visit was organized to the field where the LIFE PRIMED project is being implemented in the Rete Natura 2000 area Palo Laziale network, north of Rome. 


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